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We are the first plastic surgery clinic using one specialist-one body part system in Indonesia.

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We offer free personal consultation with one of our certified international plastic surgery specialists.

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Through our one-on-one consultation, we are dedicated to help our patients achieve their natural beauty wishes.

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Our experienced specialists provide you with the highest standard of safety that is clinically tested.

Our Beauty Enhancement Procedures

Cosmetic Eyes Surgery

Our cosmetic eye surgery is designed to improve the appearance of your eyes through minimal discomfort and rapid recovery to give your face a more youthful and fresh appearance. Our eye enhancement procedures include eyes reconstruction & double eye lid procedure.

Nose Enhancement Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a procedure where adjustments are made to the size and shape of the nose. We help make your nose fit harmoniously with the rest of your face. Our nose enhancement procedures include nose reconstruction, rhinoplasty, and nose augmentation.

Facial Bone Contouring

The Facial Bone Contouring procedure focuses on altering the architectural framework of the facial skeleton to create beauty. Our procedures include facial implants, reduction, & reconstruction of the cheeks, chin, and jaw.

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As a well-known and reputable plastic surgery clinic in Indonesia, d’elegance uses the safest and modern clinically tested plastic surgery procedures. Our plastic surgeon specialists are ready to deliver your quality and natural looking beauty results. Embody your new natural beauty with d'elegance!

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